Preparatory Report (2018)

Tsinghua University USA

Executive Summary
The purpose of the Tsinghua University USA is to raise the cultural level of the world through the establishment of an independent Tsinghua University in USA by the Alumni of Tsinghua University in USA. Academically Tsinghua University USA based on post-science fuzzy logic, knowledge far advanced than today’s knowledge. The execution takes following steps:
0. Post-science initiation of the Tsinghua University USA (early 2018),
1. Letters of authorization from Tsinghua University Beijing and Post-Science Institute,
2. Letter of Interest from Tsinghua University or Post-Science Institute visiting China,
3. Visitation of Chinese delegates to Tsinghua University USA (planned for mid 2018),
4. Visitation of Tsinghua University USA to Tsinghua University Beijing,
5. Finalization of agreement of collaboration (planned for late 2018),
6. Establishment of Tsinghua University USA,
7. Implementation of the full collaboration.

The strategy of the collaboration is that Tsinghua University USA formal presence in USA will become the magnet for attracting the foremost visionary thinkers, world’s top universities, and the best students to Tsinghua University USA to help the world advance its cultural level initiated by China and Tsinghua University USA with the world’s leading think tank: Post-Science Institute. The collaboration will be prime-pumped by the Post-Science Fuzzy Logic Team and the establishment of Tsinghua University USA. The following tentative members to continue the works of the former members of the Post-Science Fuzzy Logic Team: Harold Grad (Grand student of David Hilbert), Paul Feyerabend (Postmodern Science), Benson Mates (Elementary Logic), Ta-You Wu (Jumpulse: Solution of Touch), K. T. Li (Architect of Taiwan and China Economic Miracle), Gerard Debreu (Theory of Value), Kenneth Arrow (Mathematics Economics), Milton Friedman (Free Market), Chitoor V. Ramamoorthy (Software Engineering), Lotfi A. Zadeh (Fuzzy Logic and Soft Science).
World Decision Center (THUUSA, Hugh Ching, T. L. Kunii, Mahadi Hasan, Benjamin Wagner)
Institute of Future City (THUUSA, Phillip Daffara, Patri Friedman, Zach Xu, Hu Wanjun)
Institute of Complete Automation (THUUSA, Hugh Ching, Mahadi Hasan, Jay Xiong)
Qingdao Post-Science Institute of Culture and Philosophy (Hugh Ching, T. L. Kunii, Sašo Tomažič)
Qingdao Institute of Human Cloning (Panos Zavos, Shoukhrat Mitalipov, Max More, Chris Xu)
Zadeh Institute of Fuzzy Logic (Berkeley-Stanford Fuzzy Logic Team, Cindy Mason, Hugh Ching)
Wu Ta-You Institute of Touch (THUUSA, Hugh Ching, Mahadi Hasan, Hong-Xing Li, T. L. Kunii). Invitations have been initiated to be sent to Stanford, MIT, the University of California at Berkeley, Post-Science Fuzzy Logic Team, etc. to establish the foremost think tank in the world to be situated tentatively in San Francisco, which has one of the highest world’s culture levels.

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Important Note: For young thinkers under the age of 75 wanting to be considered for knowledge award nominations, please read the nomination template (14 pages)(Click here for the nomination template) and compose your own nomination form for presentation. For thinkers wanting to be interviewed, please read the interview sample (19 pages)(Click here for the interview sample) and summarize your own idea for the interview. Our selection priorities are visionary innovations in knowledge (highest), visionary innovations in application of knowledge (second highest), knowledge breakthroughs (most desirable), innovations in knowledge applications (least desirable, but most popular for interview in the current Money-Oriented Society). Email your form to Amy: cy88lee (at)

Must Read before viewing the site: Major Fallacies in Human Knowledge: Distrubution vs. Productivity (one page)

Post-Science Logo.

News: Stock Market Prediction for 2016 and 2017 (Click here to read a 2-page demonstration and explanation of prediction of stock market crash).

Epigenetic Lifestyle

Epigenetic Lifestyle (EL) is the modification of one’s physical, mental, and emotional states through direct communication between one’s DNA and one’s lifestyle through epigenetic feedback.

It is based on the belief that one’s DNA has been designed to allow the expression of the DNA to be influenced by one’s activities. An example of Epigenetic Lifestyle is the Jumpulse Lifestyle of Hugh Ching, the Founder of Epigenetic Lifestyle. Fundamentally, Hugh Ching believes that the living system is an expression of the infinite wisdom of the universe, which is contained wholly in DNA.

Epigenetic Lifestyle is based on the theoretical discovery of DNA in 1986 by Hugh Ching that DNA is completely automated software and is the accumulated wisdom of the universe from the infinite past. Expecting DNA to contain all functions for surviving and flourishing in the permanently uncertain future, Epigenetic Lifestyle depends on Epigenetic feedback from one’s lifestyle to modify the expression of DNA.

A Real Personal Problem in My Epigenetic Lifestyle by Hugh Ching

I just realize recently when my students nominate me for knowledge awards, my friends, who are top thinkers in the world, and whom I have started to associate when I was half their age, are all dead or dying leaving me with no one to talk to in the future, except Lotfi Zadeh, T. L. Kunii, and Amy. This will be a real problem for me and my knowledge: Too many dancing fans to prevent me from dancing and too few thinkers to talk to.

People of knowledge work for no pay, but they expect knowledge award to pay them for no work. This is a fundamental concept in Knowledge-Oriented Society. However, the contribution to knowledge should be judged based on its future benefits both long-term and short-term and both monetary and non-monetary, not as in the current Money-Oriented Society that only short-term and monetary returns are considered. In the past, many people of knowledge, such as Jesus and Socrates, were persecuted because their futuristic views infringed on the interest of the establishment.

In the current Money-Oriented Society, where people are busy in applying existing knowledge in business so that they can make money, there are very few people of knowledge, who devote their lives to knowledge.

Knowledge-Oriented Society (KOS)

(Click here for an example of Knowledge-Oriented Society)

Knowledge-Oriented Society (KOS) is guided by knowledge and led by people of knowledge, who can understand knowledge, such as non-violable laws of nature in physical and social sciences and the Requirement of Permanence in life science.

KOS puts knowledge above money and politics; knowledge should dictate money and politics, not the other way around, as in the current society.

Out of necessity, today's scientific community is led internally by scientists and guided by the non-violable laws of nature in science, except that the direction of scientific research is still dictated by politics and money, resulting in misguided research projects and incorrect knowledge, which is, however, not detectable by politicians and business leaders anyway.

KOS profides the solution to peace by replacing military with knowledge competition. KOS provides the solution to political corruption by replacing money and politics with knowledge, in addition to having solved financial and complexity crises. In general, KOS is for realizing that the purpose of existence is for advancing knowledge, not money and power, for society can only progress through the advancement of knowledge.

KOS differs from the current society in one fundamental way. The current society still takes human-centered, earth-centered, etc. points of view. KOS views problems from a universe-centered point of view. For example, animals, birds, and insects are surviving quite well without an economy, which is a human invention. And from a universe-centered point of view, rule of law means putting them all in cages, free market means leaving them in the wild, and regulation by non-violable laws of nature means avoiding disequilibrium crises, which have thus far plagued both humans and them, for the solution for solving disequilibrium crises is the solution of value and requires uncommon sense, which they don’t have and which humans have, but have not yet been able to solve the problem of disequilibrium.

KOS deals with the future, for the past is over and the present will soon become the past. However, to live well, one must live in the present. Sadly, the current society is money, not knowledge-oriented, and everyone is brainwashed and must live according to the standard set by the Money-Oriented Society, except KOS, which is backed by some of the best thinkers of our time. KOS predicts the future and designs the future based on its prediction. The future is permanently uncertain, and completely mathematically and logically rigorous systems are needed to change the prediction and the design whenever the future expectation changes. The following post-science solutions are used to deal with the changing future:

(1) A complete mathematically rigorous solution of value will recalculated value, in the form of the price (real estate valuation) or of the rate of return when the price is given (stocks rate of return calculation), whenever the future expectation changes (Mathematics for science is overkill, and mathematics for social science is incomplete, except in mathematical economics, which, however, has only reached as far as completely defined the mathematical problem of value by Gerard Debreu in his book Theory of Value.),
(2) A completely logically rigorous solution of completely automated software will automatically update software from old to new versions (Human-Language Programming),
(3) Fuzzy Logic to deal with the fuzzy reality, which results from the sacrifice of precision when the range of tolerance of a creation is expanded to cover all the possibilities for survive and flourish in a permanently uncertain future.

Items 1 and 2 above need the presence of the human to execute. In the absence of the human or the creator, Item 3 is needed in the design in order for the creation or the living system to survive and flourishing in the permanently uncertain future.

Technically, One of the key features of Knowledge-Oriented Society is to replace the backward-looking peer review process with a forward-looking solution of value, which provides full disclosure of inputs and full accountability to infinity in time. The peer review process is similar in concept to the market comparison method, which keeps the price rigid when the market condition has changed and is the cause of disequilibrium crises. In fact, the peer review process should be considered worse than the market comparison method because it filters out truly original ideas, which by definition should have no peer. In Knowledge-Oriented Society, the solution of value will allow the valuation of knowledge contribution, based on which money will be assigned to satisfy the Quantity Theory of Money PQ = VM (Price x Quantity = Velocity of Circulation of Money x Money Supply), where knowledge is represented by Q. And knowledge, not products and services, will be the main item of value in Knowledge-Oriented Society.

Post-science suggests that the world currency should be switched to UPNcoin, which has corrected all the defect of the Bitcoin, and can use the solution of value to determine the value of knowledge in order to issue UPNcoin to the contributors of knowledge. UPNcoin will be issued by a sovereign nation based on the concept of UPN, which is a byproduct of UPS. A one-page summary describes how to solve the world problem. [by Hugh Ching 2017]


Goal of Life

Founder of Knowledge-Oriented Society Hugh Ching

"My goal of life is to design and promote a Knowledge-Oriented Society based on which I have designed a Jumpulse Lifestyle, described in the following sections, so that I shall live what I preach."

News: June 2017 Product of Knowledge-Oriented Society: Universal Permanent Device (UPD) for recording lifestyle.
Apple becomes the world's largest company by working in high-tech fashion lifestyle with the iphone.
UPD will become one of the the most important and innovative products in the coming lifestyle industry.
Click here for One-Minute Video of UPD
Click here to go to Website of Universal Permanent Device
Click here to go to Website of Universal Permanent Number
Click here to go to one-page description of Fuzzy Exact Search
Click here to go to one-page description of Knowledge Breakthrough

The Founder of Knowledge-Oriented Society Hugh Ching's Jumpulse Lifestyle is
To reduce world suffering with knowledge weekdays
To increase happiness in the world weekends.

Fight Knowledge Corruptions Weekdays; Recover from the Fight Weekends.

Hugh travels frequently on Knowledge Tour (Click for 1-page description)

If anyone is interested in meeting Hugh and his colleagues, locally, the following is their weekly open "office hours":
(Please call in advance and leave message at (510) 213-3801)

Thurs. night 9:00 PM to 11:30 PM at Patio, 412 Emerson Street, Palo Alto, CA x University Ave (2 blocks to Stanford)
Fri and Sat 9:00 PM to 11:30 PM at Sabrosa, 3200 Fillmore St, San Francisco x Greenwich (a block south of Lombard)
Fri and Sat from 9:00 PM to 11:30 PM Pappy’s 2367 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA x Durant (a block south of UC Campus)

(Dancers:Thurs 11:30 PM to 2AM at Patio, Fri&Sat at Sabrosa, Matrix Fillmore, Eastside West, and Jaxson 11:30 PM-2AM and Temple 2:30AM-4AM)
(Ice Skating: Tue from 11:45 AM to 1:30 PM for fat buring)

The basic principle of the Jumpulse Lifestyle is:

"First priority of thinkers is to become financially and intellectually independent."

We are all active participants in the DNA-Protein System of the universe, and lifestyle is the best reflection of the result of this participation. This universe-centered view is based on my theoretical discovery of DNA in 1986 as a completely automated software, which is far more important than the experimental discovery of DNA in 1953 because the theoretical discovery exposes the incorrect partially automated foundation of the current computer science and shows that the completely automated living system is far more superior than today's partially automated technology, which is leading us into future complexity crises.

(Click here for the patent on "Completely Automated and Self-generating Software System").

What is the most important thing in life?

"Epigenetics is the feedback system between one's lifestyle, which reflects one's knowledge of a lifetime, and the expression of one's DNA, which is the accumulated wisdom of the universe from the infinite past."

In a Politics-Oriented Society, people compete for political power, and in a Money-Oriented Society, people compete for money. In a Knowledge-Oriented Society, described in the most recent 20-minutes talk at Stanford, I believe the competition should be the quality of one’s lifestyle, because lifestyle reflects the complete system of life and living.

If you choose lifestyle as the most important thing in life, you should start to design one, which fits you. Being the best nightclub dancer in San Francisco, due to my invention of the Jumpulse Dance, I design my Jumpulse Lifestyle based on my solutions of value, software, and touch, the last of which is based on jumpulse, a sudden change of force, as Newton's impulse is a sudden change of momentum. I spend 4 days in a week trying to reduce world’s suffering using my solution of value for disequilibrium crises and my solution of complete automation for complexity crises and 3 days (Thurs, Fri, and Sat) increase happiness of young, and old, people in San Francisco with my Jumpulse Dance. My current personal interest is in the practical epigenetic experiment of my close friend Lotfi Zadeh (95) and my student Chien Yi Lee, my brother Joe, and myself by keeping blood flow to every part of our bodies through intensive exercise and by taking supplements to support the exercise, wisely, for they might interfere with the natural operation of Epigenetics and with the natural biological environment, including particularly, our co-existing bacteria and other microbes. In the past ten years, Zadeh's fuzzy logic, which claims that the truth is a matter of degree, has been expanded to explain why the reality is fuzzy fuzzy and when fuzzy logic is necessary logic with the conclusion that reality is fuzzy because precision is sacrificed in the process of expanding the range of tolerance of a creation in order to survive and flourish in the permanently uncertain future, thus, expanding the vision of knowledge from the next 2000 years of post-science another 1000 years into the next 3000 years of Knowledge-Oriented Society with the inclusion of fuzzy logic. The two potential applications of fuzzy logic are (1) The range of tolerance decreases as we age, and when surpassed, we die, and (2) While science calls the 97% of non-coding DNA junk DNA, fuzzy logic views the 97% as the range of tolerance for the DNA-Protein System in the universe. Thus, the purpose of lifestyle is to expand the range of tolerance of a life, and the problem of the universe is how to expand the range of tolerance of the DNA-Protein System for surviving and flourishing in the permanently uncertain future.
Click here for a video: Lifestyle Changes May Lengthen Telomeres

Jumpulse Lifestyle Diet: 70% grain for body’s pure DNA replacement and 30% others to provide energy and supplements for DNA function and for correcting imbalance in DNA functions and fighting foreign harmful virus and bacteria. Other foods include Salmon, banana, and bee pollen, which can sustain the livelihood of Eskimos, monkeys, and bees, respectively, fully. Japanese have survived on Saru Soba and seeweed diet in the post-WWII era to become an economic miracle.

Jumpulse Lifestyle Medicine: Post-Science Medicine based on the belief that natural medicines have been provided by nature along with natural foods, as the result of intelligent design under the concept of self-creation, which is based on the identification of DNA theoretically as a completely automated software, discovered by post-science in 1986.
(Click here to go to Post-Science Medicine website)

Aug 23, 2016 at Stanford IEEE cognitive science conference (ICCI*CC' 16) Talk on Knowledge-Oriented Society:
The 15th IEEE Internationa Conference on Cognitive Infromatics and Cognitive Computing

Full paper (pdf 8 pages) on Knowledge-Oriented Society

Jumpulse Lifestyle

One's lifestyle expresses one's cultural level based on one's lifetime knowledge of the world and the lifestyle feedback through Epigenetic modification on one's DNA expression.

Hugh Ching is a Dance Legend in San Francisco.
Hugh Ching is the inventor of the Jumpulse Dance.

(Hugh's Advice on Dancing: For the old, dancing is primarily for life and secondarily for fun, and for the young, dancing is primarily for fun and secondarily for preparing old age.)

He works to reduce suffering in the world during weekdays and to increase happiness weekends.

Hugh's 3 friends.

Jumpulse Dance 2016

Jumpulse Dance 2009 and 2012


Hugh Ching is the Founder of Knowledge-Oriented Society.

Knowledge-Oriented Society explained by Its Founder:

Knowledge-Oriented Society deals with the future, for the past is over and the present will be the past.
Science deals with exact Non-violable Laws of Nature.
Social Science deals with fuzzy Non-violable Laws of Nature.
Life science deals with the Requirement of Permanence based on Complete Automation.
Knowledge employs invariance of the past to predict the future and design future actions.

Hugh Ching collaborates with many of the most ethical and best thinkers in the world: Kenneth Arrow and Gerard Debreu in the theory of value, Lotfi A. Zadeh in fuzzy logic, Milton Friedman in Chinese Economic Reform, Richard Stallman in software freedom, Paul Feyerabend in knowledge methods, T. L. Kunii in descriptive knowledge, C. V. Ramamoorthy in completely automated software, Ta-You Wu in robot touch based on jumpulse, Harold Grad on generalized fluid description and the religion of science, etc.

Click on the video below for speeches by Hugh Ching
Post-Science Next 2000 Years..........Good vs. Evil, Equation of Evil
...Hugh Ching in Istanbul....

Click on the video below for his self-introduction
How I Move from Science to Post-Science

Practical Epigenetic Human Experiemts
The Body Is a Reactive Machine

Post-science is doing epigenetic experiment with its four associates: Hugh Ching, Chien Yi Lee, Joe Ching, and Lotfi Zadeh. Lotfi founded fuzzy logic, which is the result of sacrificing precision in the process of expanding the range of tolerance of a creation to survive and flourish in the permanently uncertain future. Epigenomics is one of most effective way to expand the range of tolerance for an uncertain future. Hugh, Chien, and Joe exercise intensively, not seeming to be affected by their age, and are getting younger by the week. Joe is training for the Olympic in 2020 in ping pong. Lotfi had a bad fall in 2015 and became incapacitate in 2015. But, after some intensive exercise and vitamins, he became stronger by the week and even was able to give a keynote speech in August 21, 2016. The following are pictures and videos taken of Lotfi, Hugh, and Hugh’s fans, who are becoming more beautiful by the week.

Lotfi and Kim

Lotfi and Kim

Lotfi and Kim

Lotfi and Kim

Lotfi and Kim

Hugh's 3 friends.

Hugh's 3 friends.

Lotfi and Kim

Lotfi and Kim

Lotfi and Kim

Hugh and Amy at Grand.

Lotfi and Kim

Lotfi and Kim

Lotfi and Kim

Lotfi and Kim
Hugh and Katie Williams (close friend)

Lotfi and Kim

Lotfi and Kim

Lotfi and Kim

Zheng's 17 Houses: 25-episode TV Show on Founder of Knowledge-Oriented Society Hugh Ching's grand grandfather
(Hugh's Father Pei Ping Ching is a famous direct descendent of the Zheng's 17 Houses)

Front Gate of Zheng's 17 Houses
(Click on the Picture for More Pictures of Zheng's 17 Houses)

"To a thinker, the establishment should always be wrong."Hugh Ching

Father of Fuzzy Logic Lotfi A. Zadeh calls Hugh Ching
Godfather of Post-Science (后科学之父).

Lotfi's wife Fay initiated the concept of "Homo Hedonics," as a replacement for Homo Sapian.

Click here for explanation of post-science.

Hugh Ching Bio

Hugh Ching (郑 佑) was trained as an electrical engineer and plasma physicist at MIT SB, SM, ScD, and a mathematician at the Courant Institute for 3 years. Also, he spent 8 years as a Research Associate in the Philosophy Department of the University of California, Berkeley with Paul Feyerabend. He collaborated with Harold Grad on the Generalized Fluid Description, Paul Feyerabend on Postmodern Science, Milton Friedman on Chinese Economic Reform, Gerard Debreu on Value Theory and General Economic Equilibrium, Ta-You Wu and T. L. Kunii on the solution of touch based on jumpulse, C. V. Ramamoorthy on Completely Automated Foundation of Computer Science, and, currently, Lotfi A. Zadeh on What Is and Why Fuzzy Logic. To be completely independent, he funded all post-science research with money made based on real estate market predictions based on his solution of value, which, additionally, has predicted publicly both the S&L Crisis and the Subprime Woe. He is the inventor or the founder of the Generalized Plasma Description, Jumpulse Dance, the Jumpulse Stroke, Jumpulse Tennis, Jumpulse Table Tennis, Jumpulse Golf, Double-hitting, the Infinite Spreadsheet, Infinite Planning, Non-violable Laws of Nature in Social Science, Universal Permanent Software, Universal Permanent Number, Universal Permanent Device, Universal Permanent Encryption, Human-Language Programming, Complete Automation Logic, Software Cell, Self-generating Neural Network, Self-Creation, Post-Science Medicine, Fuzzy Exact Solution, Fuzzy Infinite Spreadsheet, Post-Science, and Knowledge-Oriented Society.

Hugh Ching Personal Life

Hugh's father Pei Ping Ching was the oldest son of the family continuing the tradition of the famous Zheng’s (Formal Chinese pronunciation of Ching) 17 Houses, which has 3000 years of recorded DNA lineage and 700 years old, largest single-family house in China, which is now a nationally designated tourist attraction. Hugh's Mother Ya Ying Wong was the second daughter of one of the largest landlords in the Greater Shanghai Area. They were born rich and destined for lives of unlimited pleasure and fun, which was limited by the rise of the Chinese communists. The Ching family escaped China and travelled to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, back to Taiwan, back to Japan, then arrived in USA. Hugh's father continued his fun life, and Hugh's mother sacrificed half of fun life for the three children, Bob, Joe, and Hugh, keeping them with her regardless where the Father was; her life was fun for the first thirty years and the last ten years, when Hugh set her up again in a position to have fun. Hugh and Joe, Hugh's twin brother, followed their parents' footstep to become lifetime playboys at heart, with the parental advice that they should never go into business, but should become scholars, to expand the long family tradition beyond scholar merchants, which, however, was never told to Hugh, Joe, and Bob possibly for the purpose of breaking away from the family tradition or burden. But, Bob did not heed the advice and became a businessman over the tearing object of his father. Hugh solved the correct theoretical foundation of plasma physics with the Generalized Fluid Description approved by Harold Grad, whose encouragements allowed Hugh to eventually move beyond science to found post-science and Knowledge-Oriented Society. What trigged the move was when Joe's first son was born with Down syndrome. To help Joe financially, Hugh switched career from plasma physics to real estate, for he had conceived the solution of price determination in 1972. The solution was deterministic and was able to predict the real estate market, including the Savings and Loan Crisis and the Subprime Woe. Hugh was unexpected successful in real estate brokerage and investment, where almost all his clients eventually became millionaires. In early 1990s, Hugh also used his business knowledge to rescue Bob from the verge of bankruptcy under to order of his mother. Hugh had already lived a whole life when he was in his 40s. He spent almost all his time on knowledge, afterward, while taking care of his father for two years before his death and extending his mother's life by ten years, after her doctor pronounced her condition terminal. From the experience of taking care of his parents, Hugh founded Post-Science Medicine based on the belief that medicine has been created along with foods. Hugh concluded his knowledge in the end of 2014 with the endorsement of non-violable laws of nature in social science by Bulent Corak in 2013 and post-science in 2014 and Knowledge-Oriented Society in 2016 by Lotfi Zadeh. He is now the leader of a group of international thinkers, who are being trained into salespersons to proudly sell mainly the Infinite Spreadsheet for solving the disequilibrium crisis and Universal Permanent Number for solving the complexity crisis. Hugh splits his time between businesses based on knowledge + automation + globalization during the week and weekend dance with his disciple Toy Dancing Doll for fun and longevity.

The Basic Belief of Hugh Ching

You are trapped within your beliefs, as any computer is trapped within its software. The idea of progress is to continually improve your beliefs, rather than continually promoting your beliefs, because the correctness of most beliefs will continue to improve over time, as human technology is far behind the technology of the universe represented by the living system. Physically, you are trapped in your DNA. You represent your DNA as a part of the universe. If you improve your DNA, you might no longer be you.

The following is a list of the business projects of Knowledge-Oriented Society:
Knowledge-Oriented Society Practical Projects Focus 2015 (in order of priority).
1. Approach insurance companies to set valuation standard with the Infinite Spreadsheet (IS)
2. Sell Universal Permanent Number (UPN) to universities with discount and major companies
3. Contribute to Foxconn cloud computing managed by Amirsyed Bukhari with IS and UPN
4. Contact $100b-plus technology companies for setting the Universal Permanent Device standard
5. Nominate associates of Knowledge-Oriented Society (mainly Zadeh, Kunii, Ram, etc.) for knowledge awards
6. Improve 3 lessons of Knowledge-Oriented Society in sports, investment, and programming for K-6
7. Promote Jumpulse Dance for health and happiness
8. Promote Knowledge-Oriented Society for knowledge and money

Business Strategy

As our Knowledge-Oriented Society group switches from intellectual work to commercial products, we should also change our mood from most humble, learning from others, to most aggressive, claiming Knowledge-Oriented Society can solve all the relevant problem facing society, namely, disequilibrium crises and complex crises. The basic strategy of Knowledge-Oriented Society is that Knowledge-Oriented Society has a product line that would make everyone we meet a potential customer. Therefore, all the salesperson of Knowledge-Oriented Society should sell both the Infinite Spreadsheet and Uiversal Permanent Number, for every technical person or decision-maker is contributing, respectively, either to the disequilibrium crisis, whose solution is the Infinite Spreadsheet, or to the complexity crisis, whose solution is Universal Permanent Number. We should also throw in jumpulse to challenge scientists before they can criticize Knowledge-Oriented Society. Jumpulse is a small brother among the knowledge foundations of the Infinite Spreadsheet and the Permanent Software, but it protects Knowledge-Oriented Society from attacks by scientists, who are not able to think the 25-variable problem of jumpulse, and it’s books are always best sellers, without any advertizing.

There are three classes of Knowledge-Oriented Society salespersons: (1) Those who have made money in the past 6 months (e.g. Hugh), (2) Those who promises to make money in the next 6 months (e.g. Amir), and (3) Those, who are in the planning stage.

The Overall Picture of Human Knowledge in the 21st Century

Based on the current knowledge, and ignorance, in science, post-science, and Knowledge-Oriented Society an overall picture of human condition should be speculated. The overall picture seems to indicate that current human technology is far inferior to the existing technology of the living system, implying that the human could just be a infant with an infantile civilization among the intelligence of the entire universe. Accordingly, the human should play its role based on a universe-centered view rather than an earth-centered view. The human must solve the relevant problems confront the human civilization, not to take up the role as the leading intelligence of the universe. These problems are 1. Disequilibrium crisis, 2. Complexity Crisis, and 3. Permanent Life. The overall picture also indicates that the human has a greater propensity for happiness than for intelligence, and that the creation of a heaven on earth should take priority over the gaining of knowledge, except the necessary ones mentioned above.

The Nature of Social Science

What Knowledge-Oriented Society is trying to say in a practical sense is that today we know non-violable laws of nature in physical science, and that Knowledge-Oriented Society believes that there are non-violable laws in social science, which govern all socioeconomic behaviors, implying that all man-made laws are invalid if they are not based on laws of nature. The number of man-made laws in science is exactly zero. However, the reality is infinite in time and space as pointed out by Kant first, according to David Hilbert, and is applied in the book Theory of Value by Gerald Debreu, a pure mathematician. To handle the complex problems in social science, especially, those involving infinity, mathematical rigor is required. The issue of social science has been confused by its fuzzy appearance, which is pointed out by Lotfi Zadeh. The fuzziness in social science does not mean, problems can be handled sloppily or with less rigor, which is customarily done by most social scientists today. On the contrary, social science should be handled with greater rigor, namely, mathematical verification, than science, whose problems are accepted simply by empirical verification, but the range of tolerance, which gives the fuzzy appearance, should be considered by fuzzy logic.

The Nature of Life Science

What Is Life Science?

Knowledge-Oriented Society Breakthrough Solutions in Physical, Social, and Life Sciences

Solutions are obtained from deterministic systems, each of which has an equal number of equations and unknowns. In physical science, a problem becomes deterministic with the addition of a law of nature, which is empirically verified previously from experimentation and supplies the final equation. In social science dealing with reality, which is infinite in time and space, a problem becomes deterministic when infinity is taken into consideration. The deterministic system involving expected future consequences to infinity in time needs to be recalculated for the final unknown when the expected value of an input in the system has changed. In life science dealing with DNA, which has been designed to last permanently, the solution must satisfy the requirement of permanence. Recalculation is no longer possible because the requirement of permanence means that a creation must be able to survive permanently without future intervention. The recalculation has to be done during the infinite planning stage to make sure that the creation can survive all the possibilities in the uncertain future by the expansion of the range of tolerance of the creation. What is important to note is that the expansion of the range of tolerance generally sacrifices precision, which is not always the most important design criterion, and results in that the final creation is fuzzy in its operation and needs to be studied by fuzzy logic of Lotfi Zadeh. For example, the ultimate solution in mathematics is no longer the Exact Solution, but the Fuzzy Exact Solution, and the Infinite Spreadsheet, which contains one value in each of its cells, should be the Fuzzy Infinite Spreadsheet, where each cell contains a range of value. Knowledge-Oriented Society breakthrough discoveries of the solutions of touch, value, and software with fuzzy logic can demonstrate what life science is. Historically, the advancement of physics since Isaac Newton and Robert Hooke should have followed the natural path of Newtonian Mechanics to Contact Mechanics to Dynamic Contact Mechanics and to the Many-Body Problem, so on and so on. Heinrich Hertz solved the problem of static contact problem without considering the adhesive property. Dynamic Contact Mechanics needs to start with the new physic concept of jumpulse invented by Hugh Ching in 1968 and formalized by Ta-You Wu in 2000 in his paper “On Impulsive Motion, Braking and Robotry.” Jumpulse introduces a new law of nature in physics, namely, the Law of Touch, which states that acceleration can change instantaneously (a step function of time). With this law, which can be verified experimentally, a jumpulse can be applied within the very short during of an impulse, which is a sudden, but not instantaneous, change of velocity, to make touch and prolonged contact in sports, which is the secret of consistency in tennis, possible. Knowledge-Oriented Society has solved the problem of value posed by Gerard Debreu in his book Theory of Value, which shows, possibly for the first time, the necessity of mathematical rigor in social science. Solving mathematics problems with mathematics is just an intellectual exercise. Solving physics problem, which generally involve simple system of around 5 variables, with mathematical rigor is really overkill. Only when the complexity of the problem reaches around 50 variables, as in social science, rigor of mathematics principles becomes necessary, particularly, when the problems involve infinity. The Knowledge-Oriented Society and Debreu’s discovery that mathematics becomes truly necessary only in social science could be considered one of the most important breakthroughs in knowledge. When mathematics dealing only with integers, it becomes logic. A similar knowledge breakthrough is logical verification for life science, which has unlimited complexity and must be based on Knowledge-Oriented Society solution of complete automation. Life science now is just science without the understanding of the value and the meaning of life and DNA.

The Basic Lifestyle of Hugh Ching

Hugh's lifestyle now is 3 days for business and 3 days for happiness, and rest on Sunday. Every weekend, he and his student Toy Dancing Doll a.k.a. Chien Yi Lee, give Jumpulse Dance demonstrations in nightclubs, Thursday at Rosie McCann in San Jose or Patio in Palo Alto, Friday at Kips and Poppy's in Berkeley or at Jaxson in the Marina District of San Francisco, and Saturday at Matrix Fillmore, Jaxson, and East and West in the Marina District (Fillmore near Lombard) of San Francisco.
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Prof. Ram, Hugh Ching, and Chien Yi Lee

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Dedicated to Dr. Ta-You Wu
(September 27, 1907 - March 4, 2000)

What’s the purpose of creation, if it’s not for beauty!

And of knowledge, if it’s not for tempering reason into steel!

Deep knowledge are buried in idle obscurity,

Aimless dance steps drift over roaring cheers.


Hugh's old friends (chikadees) at Mt. Rose Reno


Post-Science Medicine

A Public Service from Post-Science Institute

Most Common Post-Science Medicines

Vitamins should be the medicine for people, who have or have developed vitamin deficiency due to old age. Vitamins should be taken with or after meal, which contains these vitamines, with some exceptions, such as L-Lysine, which should be taken on an empty stomach.

* Medicine for Flu: Elderberry, Zinc
* Medicine for Virus in the mouth, nose, and throat: Zinc
* Medicine for Allergies: Bee Propolis
* Medicine for High Bloodpressure: Organic Beets, EFAs, Krill Oil
* Medicine to Speed up Healing: Aloe Vera (plus vitamin E)
* People, who live over 100 years, all exercise by walking. Many Knowledge-Oriented Society members substitute the boring walking with the Jumpulse Dance, which is invented by Knowledge-Oriented Society founder, Dr. Hugh Ching. In any case, it is advisable to develop the muscles for walking when one is young, so that one can still walk when one no longer can do other exercises.
* Men, who wants to have children after 80, should also do weight lifting.
* Medicine for sunburned or aging skin (90% due to sunburn) is heavy dose of vitamin c, such as from kakadu plum.
* Medicine for the temporary relief of cough is elm tree bark (lozenges).
* Level 1 injury (2 day recovery time) enhences strength of amateur athletes, and level 2 (2 weeks recovery) injury enhences strength of professional athletes, but proper care must taken after any injury.
* Medicine for injury is Glucosanmine Chondroitin and vitamin E plus exercise to get blood flowing into the injured areas.
* Medicine for imbalance due to mild brain concussion is high-dose water-dispersible vitamin E (The main cause of death for seniors is falls due to imbalance).
* Medicine to reduce cholesterol is sweet potato (better than yam)
* Medicine to imporve vision is Lutein and Bilberry for night vision.

All Post-Science Medicine advices are based on the extensive experience of Knowledge-Oriented Society members and extensive surveys of others. Knowledge-Oriented Society Post-science Medicine advises that one should not make suggestions unless one has tested out the suggestion personally or have read the survey.

Many other natural cures in Post-Science Medicine will be added as they are verified.

Because they are medicines, medicines which are recommended by Post-Science Medicine, should be taken in appropriate limited amount.


Post-Science Medicine is one of the the ultimate goals of Knowledge-Oriented Society, as Western medicine is the ultimate goal of Western science, and Eastern medicine is the ultimate goal of Eastern culture. From the point of view of Knowledge-Oriented Society, life science includes both social science and physical science. Post-Science Medicine is based on life science and, thus, includes all the knowledge. In practice, it not only study diseases, but also the fundamental question of existence, particularly the permanent existence of DNA. Post-Science Medicine treats medicines as an extension of foods. It is based on the belief of the concept of self-creation, in which the entire living system is created with Maximum Planning.

Post-Science Medicine is a part of Permanent Life Club



Post-Science Medicine relates to some very fundamental questions in medicine. Knowledge-Oriented Society does not believe that drug test can be empirically verified because DNA is designed to propagate to infinity in time. Also, Knowledge-Oriented Society believes in self-creation based on the Knowledge-Oriented Society discovery of completely automated software, of which DNA is a prime example. If our foods are created, our medicines must also be created with our foods; Post-Science Medicine believes that medicines are an extension of foods. For example, elderberry juice is the cure for common cold. Is there a cure for common cold in Western Medicine? The foundation of Post-Science Medicine is a product of Knowledge-Oriented Society or self-creation. Science is based on empirical verification and is insufficient in dealing with life. A more detailed discussion of Post-Science Medicine is given in the book Knowledge by Hugh Ching, C. V Ramamoorthy, T. L Kunii, and Ta-You Wu. The Chapter on Health is give Here.

Permanent Life Extension Summary

Post-Science Medicine also studies DNA and its in silico. There are two Knowledge-Oriented Society project related to DNA.
1. Universal Permanent Software (UPS) to Simulate DNA and Epigenetics
2. Permanent Life Extension: The Mind Is Temporary, and DNA Is Permanent.

DNA is by far the most valuable product in the universe. Thus, death is the biggest loss and the greatest insult in life. The knowledge in the mind can be preserved in books and other type of publications, and DNA should be preserved by cloning, after a DNA has demonstrated through a life-time of expression that it has positive value. Universal Permanent Software (UPS), which is completely automated software, can be used to simulate the DNA system, where DNA has been assigned the Universal Permanent Numbers 0, 1, 2, 3.

"As human beings representing the intelligence of the DNA Software System, we should strive to write software based on the software foundation connected to the DNA System." Hugh Ching, Founder of Knowledge-Oriented Society

The design of software, which including DNA, the code of life, is not free because it must satisfy the requirement of permanence or the value of software will be zero or negative. Ignorant of the requirement of permanence causes the bulk of software budget to be used for software update and maintenance.

We Are Free Only Within The Limit Of Freedom. But, The Limit Of Freedom Is Outside Of The Present Human Intelligence

Today, mankind can only handle 5-variable problems in science. We need intelligence to handle problems in social science with 50 variables and problems in life or computer science with 500 variables.

Two Problems for Knowledge-Oriented Society

1. How to increase human intelligence so that it can handle problems in social and life sciences?
2. How to achieve permanent life extension so that valuable DNA can be preserved? Additionally, the concept of permanent life extension will lead to infinite consideration of one’s actions, such as the repayment for atrocious evil might not end with death.

The best minds today are switching from physics and mathematics to computer or life science, but problems in computer or life science contain around 500 variables, while the Nobel Prize winners can barely handle 10 variables. Only four people, Ta-You Wu, Hugh Ching, T. L. Kunii, and Rustin Roy can think and understand the significance of the physics solution of touch, which contains 25 variables.

It is really that the human brain power needs to be enhance by 50 to 100% or more in order to move society beyond the current Age of Science. We needs to look into subjects related to trophic factors, which enhances brain power in preemies at UC San Diego and Stanford University.

Living organisms are created with a great deal of tolerance. Thus, fuzziness is not only a characteristic of reality involving living organisms, particularly humans, but also a factor in the design of socioeconomic and living systems, such as in the solution of value and the solution of software. For example, the Infinite Spreadsheet requires fuzziness to justify its approximate time-invariant inputs, and although Computing with Integers is rigorous, Computing with Words must be based on Human Associative Memory, which is fuzzy. We need to Debate Which Is Correct: English-like or Integer-Like Source Code? and to Make the Word “Fuzzy” Respectable in the Intellectual Community and Society.


Hugh Ching's Past and the Future

There is a lesson to be learned from the past history of knowledge that thinkers, who claim the greatest knowledge, were the ones, who receive, not the greatest reward, but the greatest punishment. From his own experience, Hugh Ching regrets his two most noticeable accomplishments that he introduced Milton Friedman and K. T. Li to China to guide its economic reform and that he helped Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke solve the Subprime Woe. Yet, his greatest public failure of being defeated by the political solution of FIRREA of 1989 had the benefit of allowing society to continue to gain experience later from suffering from the Subprime Woe. It seems that nature delivers the greatest punishment for thinkers, who promote the wrong knowledge or promote knowledge prematurely. Nature, not man, is the dictator of progress. Nature seems to intend that mankind derives as much experience from pain and suffering as theoretical discoveries to explain the reasons for the pain and suffering; nature wants mankind to experience the full dose of suffering before mankind's full enlightenment by knowledge discoveries. Up to now, his only project accepted by the public naturally is the Jumpulse Dance, while Knowledge-Oriented Society, post-science, and fuzzy logic are accepted only by the top thinkers in the world. And the path to enlightenment appears to be from politics-oriented to money-oriented to knowledge-oriented; mankind cannot jump directly from a politics-oriented to a knowledge-oriented society. In the future, the intention of nature and the purpose of the design of DNA must be taken into consideration in the promotion of Knowledge-Oriented Society.

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